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Decorating with Murals/Wallpaper

Murals and mural wallpapers/transfers are becoming increasingly popular wall décor. They do not only give interior space an additional appeal but they also give it an additional dimension. You can add murals and mural wallpapers/transfers to just about every room from bedroom to kitchen and you can easily combine them with both modern and traditional furnishing.

Murals Vs Mural Wallpapers/Transfers

Mural refers to an artwork that is painted or drawn directly to the wall. It can cover the entire wall or just a small area and can depict anything from landscape to geometrical patterns, depending on your wishes and overall home décor. Murals are usually painted/drawn by artists and are quite expensive although they are not as unaffordable as many people think.

Wallpaper murals and the so-called transfer murals that are applied to the wall by rubbing against a thin transfer paper. They are available in countless motives and styles, so finding a mural wallpaper or mural transfer that will give your home an additional charm therefore should not be a problem.

Painting/Drawing a Mural on the Wall on Your Own

Do you have a perfect mural in your head and think you have solid artistic skills? If so, you should perhaps consider painting/drawing it on your own. All you need are mural painting/drawing supplies and you are ready to begin. If it does not turn out they way you have expected, you can always hire a mural artist.

Tips on the Selection of a Mural Artist

Hiring a mural artist is a great idea if you would like to cover a wall with a unique mural painting/drawing but are not particularly artistic but good for a babies room. Having a mural painted/drawn by an artist does not have to cost you a fortune although it is also true that some artists are very expensive. The cost, however, will depend on the size and intricacy of the mural.

If you would like a mural painted/drawn by an artist, you are recommended to contact several artists for a quote. But you are also recommended to ask them to provide you with a contact of their previous clients in order to be able to see their work with your own eyes. Also, be sure to ask their previous clients if they were satisfied with their work and if the artist met their expectations.